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Exuding Elegance And Style: Long Cardigans For Women

The fashion industry constantly evolves and accommodates various trends and preferences, with long cardigans for women being a perfect example of a timeless piece. Offering impeccable style, versatility, and comfort, they have become a must-have wardrobe staple for every women’s closet. What’s even more alluring is the opportunity to buy cashmere coats that take the definition of luxury to new heights.

The Appeal of Long Cardigans for Women

Long cardigans for women offer tremendous style versatility. They strike a perfect balance between formal and casual attire, enabling women to dress up or down as the situation demands. Whether you’re heading out for a casual brunch or attending a formal work meeting, the elegance and subtlety of a long cardigan never fails to impress. The elongated design adds a chic layer to your outfit, enhancing your style quotient, regardless of the occasion.

Luxury in Warmth: Cashmere Coats

The hierarchy of long cardigans for women is incomplete without the mention of cashmere. Cashmere coats offer an unparalleled sense of luxury and warmth, which makes them a coveted choice for many fashion enthusiasts. They reflect sophistication, and when you buy cashmere coats, you invest in an item that is timeless and gives you the ultimate fashion-forward look.

Styling Your Long Cardigan

One of the strengths of long cardigans for women is their seamless integration into any outfit. Pair your long cardigan with skinny jeans for a chic, casual look, or match it with a maxi dress for a sophisticated evening outfit. When chosen carefully, long cardigans can even seamlessly blend with professional attire. Opting for neutral shades like black, gray or navy could pair well with most ensembles, while choosing a bold, vibrant colour can make a stylish statement.

Discovering the Best Fit

Just like any other wardrobe item, it’s crucial to find the right fit when choosing a long cardigan. It should drape comfortably over your body, neither clinging too tightly nor hanging too loosely. The sleeves should reach up to your wrists for most designs, although three-fourths sleeves also work wonders for a more casual look.

Choosing Quality over Quantity

When you buy cashmere coats or long cardigans, remember to prioritize quality over quantity. Cashmere and high-quality wool can last for many years with the right care, thus becoming a long-term wardrobe staple. Regular care and maintenance of these luxurious items will ensure their longevity, so they continue to add elegance to your outfits time and again.

In Conclusion

Long cardigans for women are an epitome of style, comfort, and versatility. They can easily make a transition from casual to formal wear, making them a go-to piece for various occasions. And with the option to buy cashmere coats, women can experience the ultimate in luxury fashion. It’s essential, though, to pay attention to the quality, fit, and care instructions to truly reap the benefits of these timeless fashion pieces. So next time you’re planning your outfit, don’t forget to consider the charming allure of the long cardigan!

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Maternity Clothes: When To Buy}

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Maternity Clothes: When To Buy


Dulce Islas

In order to get maximum value for money from your new maternity wardrobe you should look for flexible pieces that will tick as many boxes as possible for you, while still being stylish, comfortable and affordable.

Crave Maternity is a maternity clothing specialist that knows how a womans body will change shape during pregnancy, and tailors each design to accommodate these changes in a subtle, effortless way.

How Will My Body Change?

While, of course, every pregnant woman is different, there are certain changes that can be expected in each trimester. If you prepare for these changes in advance, youll avoid that difficult moment when nothing really seems to fit you properly anymore which can be disheartening as well as inconvenient.

The First Trimester

As many women, particularly those for whom its their first pregnancy, dont begin to show until into the second trimester, they may feel that theres no need to dress any differently. However, there are some body changes to consider during the first trimester, and you may be surprised to find that many items in your existing wardrobe no longer feel comfortable.

One area of the body that is likely to change during the first trimester is the breasts. As breast tissue begins to prepare for breastfeeding it is normal for women to go up at least one cup size, from very early on in the pregnancy.

Breasts may also feel tender and swollen, and as such, you may find that your clothes arent fitting properly in that area; or that anything tight fitting is uncomfortable.

It is likely to be a good time to invest in a few new tunics or blouses, which better accommodate your growing bust. Many of Crave Maternitys designs are very subtle, so you need not give away your pregnancy before you would like. For example, the White Ruffle Front Blouse would look great with your usual jeans for a casual look, or trousers for work.

The Second Trimester

The beginning of the second trimester is a good time to invest in your new maternity wardrobe, in order to get the most wear out of your items and ensure that you are comfortable as your bump grows.

Most women will find that their regular jeans and trousers start to get snug after the third month of pregnancy, and maternity trousers now become essential.

Crave Maternity has a great range of jeans, trousers, shorts and shirts, so that you can be comfortable whether at work, while out of an evening or when in your casual daywear.

The Indigo Bootleg or Skinny Jeans are an essential for many women, and add to that a pair of soft, casual Jersey Trousers for day, Black Skinny Trousers for evening and the Neo Black Pull On Trouser for work, and your capsule maternity trouser collection is complete.

The Third Trimester

As you get bigger during your third trimester, comfort will become more of a priority. A stylish maternity dress is a great, easy to wear, versatile item that may become your new best friend during the later months of pregnancy.

The classic jersey wrap dress is comfortable, stylish and can be worn for any occasion and any weather. During winter layer with tights and a cosy cardigan, and for summer simply slip on with sandals. You can also dress a simple wrap dress up or down, making it the perfect, wear anywhere garment.

The Deep Blue Ruched Side Wrap Dress is a stunning example which you are sure to get a lot of wear out of, right up until the end of your pregnancy and beyond.

Women suffer enough discomfort during pregnancy without unsuitable clothing adding to it. Invest in some stylish, carefully designed pieces from maternity clothing specialists Crave and enjoy feeling comfortable and confident, from month one to month nine.

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Maternity Clothes: When To Buy }

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Customer Service Customer Loyalty Wins Sales

Batteries not included. Three of the dumbest words.

Your Company spent millions of dollars to develop this wonderful product. Engineers spent countless hours creating and refining it. You spent additional millions of dollars in advertising to get me to buy it.

I bought it. I took it home and now it won’t work because YOU neglected to include the only part that WILL make it work. For a couple of extra bucks, your cost and mine, I’m frustrated and angry with you and your Company.

It’s the same with customer service.

No matter what you sell; whether it’s goods or services, big ticket or small, sales and customer service are not two separate pieces. Every sale must come with the customer service built in.

Exceptional customer service is NOT an extra cost of doing business. It is an investment in your own future success.

In the early 1950s, my uncle had a very small clothing store in Miami, Florida. In those days, Miami was a major entertainment center, with the biggest names in show business appearing at the major hotels, very similar to Las Vegas today.

One evening, as he was leaving the stage at the end of the early show, a young singer ripped his tuxedo jacket on a nail sticking out of the wall. It was after 8 P.M., all the clothing stores were closed.

The hotel management called the major stores and owners because the singer didn’t want to go on stage with a torn jacket or worse, no jacket.

None of the fancy clothing shop owners would leave their homes to accommodate the young man. Finally, in desperation, my uncle got the call. Would he come downtown with a couple of tuxedos? Within an hour my uncle was at the hotel with 4 tuxedos. He did the fitting and tailoring right on the spot.

The young singer and the big hotel management were ecstatic. The singer tried to shove a few extra hundred dollar bills into my uncle’s hand, but he wouldn’t take the money, explaining that he was honored to have the opportunity to earn the business.

The singer promised that he would never forget my uncle’s kindness and would tell his show biz friends about my uncle. True to his word, the singer continued to tell his friends about my uncle, even as his singing career skyrocketed.

The young singer – Frank Sinatra. My uncle – went from a tiny clothing store on the edges of oblivion to “Mickey Hayes – Clothier to the Stars”; his walls covered with hundreds of photographs of the biggest names in show business.

On the other side of the coin is INTEL, the major manufacturer of computer chips, and, a great company.

Some years ago, Intel’s newest chip had a design flaw that caused a problem in only the tiniest number of calculations, and only in highly complex situations. As this problem began to get reported in the press, owners of computers built with these new chips wanted replacements.

Intel’s management stated that these customers were somewhat stupid since only highly complex calculations in specialized situations would experience that problem and then, only on the rarest occasions. They said that they would replace the chip if the customer could substantiate the claim that their chip was flawed. How stupid. If it only goes bad once in a zillion times, why not give a lifetime guarantee? Most of the customers would never run into that problem. If they had immediately offered the lifetime replacement guarantee, ALL of the customers would have had a very high degree of confidence that they would never need to take Intel up on their offer.

Intel finally did offer lifetime replacement – after worrying, offending and insulting millions of their customers.

We can all learn a valuable lesson from Nordstroms; the department store famous for customer service. Their service to customers is so incredible, that people go out of their way to shop there.

Mr. Nordstrom calls it ‘customer heroics’. “We do it because we want more business – NOT simply because we’re nice guys.” I’ve always told my employees – “don’t save me ‘MY’ money. If it helps the customer, SPEND my money. Even if they make a mistake, they won’t be criticized if it helped the customer”.

Nordstrom, over a period of many years, has developed a corporate culture of service to the customer. Any corporate culture, if it is going to endure successfully, MUST take on a life of its own, apart from the wishes of management. It has to be adopted by every employee, because THEY each think that it’s a good idea.

Whether you are a 1 person operation or the largest company, you know what good customer service is. It’s the Golden Rule applied to business – “Do unto others”.

Listen to your customers’ spoken requests – and unspoken. They’ll tell you what they want. Add a large portion of your own good common sense. Make a commitment to yourself that you will give your customers, service beyond their highest expectations If you will do these few simple things, I can guarantee you success beyond YOUR expectations.

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Pole Dancing Grip Powder For Greater Success}

Submitted by: Pat Munro

When it comes to pole dancing, grip is the most important strength feature which you cannot improve with practice. Think for a moment about the contact area between you and the pole. Each pole dancing position has contact between you and the pole on different surfaces of skin. Each of these contact areas must grip the pole in varying ways in order to continue through to the next pose. Pole dancing is a fluid dance which must be peformed in continuous movement with differing degrees of difficulty. Improving your grip of the pole on all skin surfaces can be accomplished with grip powders. A really good grip powder is made using thermoplastics which react to body heat and provide improved grip and inhibits sweat and chaffing. Thermoplastic grip powders lasts for hours and easily washes off with soap and water.

The following are some popular pole dancing moves with instruction as to where the bodys grip is applied. For best use of the grip powder it may be wise to use it on areas that are used to contact the pole such as legs, arms, feet, and hands. This will surely help when moving from one dance move to another.

Batman pose In the upside down flat pose position, grip tighter with legs and release your hands. Hang for a moment from your legs, then slide down the pole pole with an arched back in a curved position. The grip powder will allow you to both grip and then slide without catching.

Climb and splits Climbing pole, stopping there to secure grip by straightening & tightening legs before sliding down into jazz splits. Once again its all about the grip plus slide.

Swan To get momentum walk round pole, inside arm really high & firmly gripped onto the pole, step on outside leg & bring inside leg in front of pole & hook knee to pole, then complete one-handed forward spin. Twisting around the pole requires the grip and slip technique as well.

Showgirl Climb pole, both legs wrapped around it, with the dominant arm in a stabilizing position while extending other arm gracefully. Then detach one leg from pole-grip in similar extension and slide down in this one leg/one arm pose. This move requires both grip strength and fluidity of movement.

Hip Spin First, grab pole firmly with outside arm high & inside arm low, pull with upper & push with lower hands together while kicking off floor with legs, bending them around pole in cocoon-spinning position, with your tummy flat against the pole. Grip chalk can also be applied to the bare midriff in order to gain a little more leverage.

Vampire Climb pole & adopt sitting position with crossed legs, then grip pole between thighs before letting go with hands & leaning backwards to hang in that position. Trusting your grip strength with this pose can be daunting without a little added help from the grip powder.

Two-handed coil – Start with the secondary side closest to pole, grip with both hands & kick legs forward, then while swinging back, coil body round pole to spin. This move requires a lot of hand grip strength to hold your body in place, then enough slide in order to spin around the pole.

As you can see, a good grip on many parts of your body will help with the necessary pole dancing positions required for fun or competition. It is necessary in pole dancing to gain grip strength while practicing in order to begin to trust yourself and move on to the next position. Without a good grip powder, the practice time will be greater and you may hurt yourself in the process. Preventing anything negative in the process of getting stronger and more in shape will surely lead to a lifetime of fun and good health.

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Sim Free/Gsm Phones Vs. Unlocked Phones}

Submitted by: Pat Munro

There has been a lot of talk about unlocking cell phones over the past couple of years. The purpose of unlocking a cell phone is lost to most people, why on earth would I want to void the warranty of my cell phone and my contract with my provider? Overall, the question of whether or not to unlock your cellular phone can be a bit baffling.

To start to answer this question, lets start with the SIM card. Anyone who has a smartphone, iPod, or blackberry is well versed in the use and application of SIM cards, these cards are the link between your cellular provider and your usage. Over the past few years, however, cell phone users want more access when traveling, or just the freedom to use their phones without restriction from their carriers. To get these advantages one must either unlock their wireless phones or PDAs, or buy a SIM free or GSM phone.

What are SIM free/GSM phones and why would you want one?

SIM free phones are GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) phones. These phones are sold without a connection to a carrier; they have never been locked to any network. These phones are factory made which cuts down on the problematic unlocking of a contract phone. GSM phones can accept any SIM card associated with a compatible frequency. To simplify, these phones will work anywhere in the world as long as a local area SIM card is used. If you are a traveler, using a GSM phone and purchasing a SIM card for the region you are visiting will undoubtedly cut down on cell phone billing, and provide all access coverage in that area. It is important for users to recognize the compatible frequencies in which the phone will work. The standardization of these frequencies is still in its infancy stage, but users should be able to find the proper frequency compatible to their phone anywhere worldwide.

Unlocking carrier driven wireless phones

Cellular phones users mainly want to unlock their phones to easily be able to use their phones with any SIM card, not just the one from their service provider. To purchase an already unlocked phone can be pricier than a locked phone because the carrier has a guaranteed income with a contract for the locked phone. Alternately, a phone user may choose to unlock their phones themselves with little difficulty. There are thousands of sites leading you through this process online.

Debranded phones are more costly still. Debranding involves special unlocking boxes which remove the operator logo (ie-Motorola, Nokia) on start-up and removes the limitations that the operator imposes on the cellular device. Only a professional can do this with the proper equipment, lending to its price.

What are the laws governing these unlocked cellular options?

In the U.S., there are no laws governing SIM locking. Due to public pressure, the topic has slowly been gaining momentum and providers are allowing for unlocking options to increase their sales. A great example of a company waking up to this unlocking phenomenon, is AT&T. Last year they disabled the tethering feature allowing the iPhone to be used as a computer modem.

In the U.K. and around Western Europe, box breaking (unlocking) is quite common. It is a legal practice which involves buying a pay-as-you-go handset from any retailer, then unlocking the phone and reselling abroad at a higher price than the retailers. The original SIM card is then either thrown away or resold elsewhere.

In Canada, there are presently no laws regulating SIM unlocking. Presently no wireless provider offers unlocked phones, but it is entirely legal to unlock them. Last year, Rogers Communications started offering an unlocking option on all of their phones for a fee of $50.00, brought about by public pressure. Bell Mobility followed suit with an unlocked option, however they do not offer this option on all of their handsets, and they charge $75.00. Apple Canada also became available unlocked, but only when purchased fully directly from Apple Canada.

Last June the Canadian government proposed changes to the Copyright Act (Bill C-32) maintaining the legality of unlocking cellular devices, followed by Bill C-560 (the Cell Phone Freedom Act) which would prohibit carriers from selling SIM locked phones in Canada without first informing the consumer of the existence of such a lock. This C-560 bill additionally mandates that phone companies selling new phones must unlock customer phones, without charge, at the end of contract or upon purchase of phone outright, when requested by the customer.

Whether you buy a GSM wireless phone, or unlock your present phone yourself, there are many attributes to being free of carrier limitations. Its a personal choice dependent on how you use your wireless device, which carrier you use and what options you may or may not have. Doing a little research for your wireless needs will help to determine if you should get into the unlocking phenomenon.

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