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Plastic Surgeon: Finding The Right One For You

Plastic Surgeon: Finding The Right One For You


Andrea Avery

Plastic surgery is a vast specialty to which all kinds of specialties belong. If you are looking at having plastic surgery, there are a few steps to follow to help narrow down the choices of surgeons which will ultimately lead you to a qualified and capable choice for a surgeon.

To begin, you need to differentiate as to whether your surgical needs are considered reconstructive or cosmetic. Reconstructive surgeries are generally seen as medical needs or as the results of prior medical needs, and these procedures will need to go through your insurance referral process; however, you do not have to just take who you get even if you are using your health insurance to pay. You can present your research to your referring physician and ask that your research be considered as your doctor makes the health insurance referral. If your impending surgery is considered cosmetic and the cost will met with your personal funds, then you will have free reign as to who to pick to complete your procedure.


Begin by gathering a list of prospective plastic surgeons. Ask your primary care physician if he/she has had any patients undergo plastic surgery and ask if he/she can disclose the name of the surgeon that was used. Perhaps your primary care doctor, or for that matter any of your medical providers, knows a few plastic surgeons that have good reputations in the specialty for which you are researching. Of course, friends and friends of friends who have undergone cosmetic surgery are always a good place to start looking. Even if you do not know someone who has had the specific surgery that you are anticipating, anyone who has had a procedure done will be familiar with a surgeon or a group who can refer you to someone who does specialize in your need.

Ultimately, you want to be certain that your prospective choices are legitimate members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Once you have a list of possible doctors that you want o consider, check each one for ASPS certification. ASPS doctors must have at least six years of surgical experience with at least three additional years being the area of plastics. They must adhere to strict ethical codes of conducts, and are only allowed to operate out of accredited medical facilities. This is an important piece of the puzzle; you want o remember that you are considering having a surgery. An accredited facility with privileges at a local hospital is important.

Just because your surgery is elective does mean that it does not carry the risks that all surgeries carry, and you need to know that in an emergency that you can be transported and immediately treated at a nearby medical facility and that the medical emergency will be covered by your health insurance provider. Asking some hypothetical questions both of the back up medical facility and of your insurance provider is a great way to provide yourself peace of mind.

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Get Important Information From A Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Forum

Get Important Information from a Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Forum


Eli C. Carrio

Are you projecting to endure a reconstructive surgery but you are having reconsideration about it? Don\’t you know where the best clinic is or which plastic and or cosmetic surgeons are the best possible?


The sector regarding reconstructive surgery has progressed throughout the years and is definitely accepted by many women and men. When persons have already tried hundreds of beauty items yet still were unable to have their wanted outcomes, reconstructive surgery is their last resort . But because it provides the aim of cutters, it is very common for men and women like you to be hesitant in undergoing reconstructive surgery. For you to decide whether to proceed it or not, it will likewise be good if you will join a cosmetic plastic surgery

forum. Below is some useful info about such kind of meeting place so keep reading this post.

What Is A Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Forum? You must first know what a forum is. A forum is sometimes known as a message forum board. An net forum is an internet site where males and females can interchange their perspectives and thoughts about a certain subject. In an online forum, you will be able to talk about certain subjects and have conversations with others by posting messages. Unlike chat rooms, the messages in an web based forum are archived. So when ever you wish to read a certain post again, you will be able to do it. Some web based forums will require you to register then sign in before you can post messages. Most forums permits you to browse the messages in it without the need of you to subscribe. On a cosmetic plastic surgery forum

, maybe you are able to begin a new theme and that will be called as a new thread. Other persons will be able to answer your post and do this by posting their content. As you will know, bullying happens on the internet and a few people may post messages that are rough. Because of that, some forums have moderators and before a message can be made visible, it must have first the authorization of the moderator.

In meetings place regarding reconstructive surgery, you will be able to study other users reviews about who the best and most trustworthy surgeons are, what and where the best clinics are, their inquiries about reconstructive surgery, their experiences about various plastic surgery , the price of the operations and others. Here, you will be able to come in contact with individuals who already underwent a reconstructive surgery that\’s going to be beneficial for you in collecting data about the surgical operation that you want and whether you should go on it or not. So now knowing what a cosmetic plastic surgery forum is. With this, you will be able to get some useful steps from persons who had an experience regarding reconstructive surgery to assist you to decided whether to pursue that reconstructive surgery that you want or not.

My name is Elisabeth Calista Carrio, everybody calls me \”Eli\”. I am from Barcelona, Spain – living and writing now in Costa Rica for the forums

cosmetic plastic surgery


Either way I hope you find the articles I have written of value; if you have any questions or ideas please feel free to get in touch with me.

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Breasts With Different Sizes?}

Breasts with Different Sizes?


Abigail AaronsonSome of us know all too well that nature makes mistakes, too. I\’m talking about those of us who have two different sized breasts, and have had to live with them their whole lives! This is a problem most people could not even imagine, but for those of us afflicted with it, every day we imagine having normal breasts and the joy it would bring. Well, you don\’t have to keep daydreaming about it… plastic surgery can make it a reality!

Differently-sized boobs are actually a very common problem, but women afflicted with it are taught to think they have to live with it. Some girls experience it during puberty and it goes away. For others it stays forever, destroying their body image and hurting their confidence. No diet, exercise plan or natural remedy is known to work.

Different Sized Breasted Women Unite!

A good plastic surgeon can work wonders for your awkward boobs and get them just right. The type of procedure depends on the nature of the problem.

* Your breasts could be perceptibly different sizes. This means that anybody who looks at your chest (even with a shirt on!) can tell.


* Your breasts might be positioned on your chest differently. They are the same size, but one is at your collarbone while the other hangs around your belly.

* Your nipples might be positioned differently. This gives the effect of two eyes looking in different directions.

When you go to your plastic surgeon for the consultation, they will have a look and decide exactly what must be done. There are lots of operations, but most of them involve the same basic steps. The doctor will make an incision and move the tissue underneath. The incision is made following the natural curve of your breasts so that the scar will show as little as possible.

Some breast problems can be solved with simple breast augmentation or breast reduction with one breast. This is a simple procedure with guaranteed results, so this situation is ideal. The great thing about plastic surgery is that your doctor can sit down with you and plan out exactly what you\’d like done, and how you\’d like the results to look. With the miracle of plastic surgery, you can have normal sized breasts just like everyone else.

Your Perfect Boobs are waiting for you!

The good news is that almost all breast correction surgery is a success. Doctors have been working on breast asymmetry problems for years now and they have perfected the techniques used. There still could be some problems and complications, so get a consultation with a doctor.

Like any type of surgery, there are always some risks involved, and there will be a recovery period. During the recovery period, you will have to take it easy on those breasts until they are fully healed.

Just imagine having the perfectly sized and shaped breasts that you\’ve always wanted! With the help of an experienced plastic surgeon, you can kiss your abnormal breasts goodbye.

Asymmetrical breast problems can be solved with simple breast augmentation or breast reduction with one breast. Plastic surgeons offer breast correction surgery in

Walnut Creek. Breast reduction

information and before and after pictures can be seen at


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