Breasts With Different Sizes?}

Breasts with Different Sizes?


Abigail AaronsonSome of us know all too well that nature makes mistakes, too. I\’m talking about those of us who have two different sized breasts, and have had to live with them their whole lives! This is a problem most people could not even imagine, but for those of us afflicted with it, every day we imagine having normal breasts and the joy it would bring. Well, you don\’t have to keep daydreaming about it… plastic surgery can make it a reality!

Differently-sized boobs are actually a very common problem, but women afflicted with it are taught to think they have to live with it. Some girls experience it during puberty and it goes away. For others it stays forever, destroying their body image and hurting their confidence. No diet, exercise plan or natural remedy is known to work.

Different Sized Breasted Women Unite!

A good plastic surgeon can work wonders for your awkward boobs and get them just right. The type of procedure depends on the nature of the problem.

* Your breasts could be perceptibly different sizes. This means that anybody who looks at your chest (even with a shirt on!) can tell.


* Your breasts might be positioned on your chest differently. They are the same size, but one is at your collarbone while the other hangs around your belly.

* Your nipples might be positioned differently. This gives the effect of two eyes looking in different directions.

When you go to your plastic surgeon for the consultation, they will have a look and decide exactly what must be done. There are lots of operations, but most of them involve the same basic steps. The doctor will make an incision and move the tissue underneath. The incision is made following the natural curve of your breasts so that the scar will show as little as possible.

Some breast problems can be solved with simple breast augmentation or breast reduction with one breast. This is a simple procedure with guaranteed results, so this situation is ideal. The great thing about plastic surgery is that your doctor can sit down with you and plan out exactly what you\’d like done, and how you\’d like the results to look. With the miracle of plastic surgery, you can have normal sized breasts just like everyone else.

Your Perfect Boobs are waiting for you!

The good news is that almost all breast correction surgery is a success. Doctors have been working on breast asymmetry problems for years now and they have perfected the techniques used. There still could be some problems and complications, so get a consultation with a doctor.

Like any type of surgery, there are always some risks involved, and there will be a recovery period. During the recovery period, you will have to take it easy on those breasts until they are fully healed.

Just imagine having the perfectly sized and shaped breasts that you\’ve always wanted! With the help of an experienced plastic surgeon, you can kiss your abnormal breasts goodbye.

Asymmetrical breast problems can be solved with simple breast augmentation or breast reduction with one breast. Plastic surgeons offer breast correction surgery in

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