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Uncontested Divorce Steps To Choosing Your Lawyer

By Lawrence J. Reaves

Any type of divorce is unpleasant, even if you are fortunate enough to still be friendly with your partner, so can go for an uncontested divorce.

Importantly, always work with your partner and get them involved if possible. This way your partner will not feel left out or that there are things going on that may have an adverse effect.

So if you live in Virginia and have done for at least six months, check out law firms operating in Virginia who you feel best suits your joint needs. Check out websites and then work out a short list and call them. Don’t make your choice without talking to them; you need to make sure they are right for you.


Check out the rates each of the law firms on your short list charge. Don’t choose law firms who want retainers. Uncontested divorce is simple and quick so the law firm you select needs to let you know from the start how much it will cost. The quicker you want your divorce completed, the more it’s likely to cost, but don’t expect to pay more than about $1,000. In fact you may be able to get the divorce complete for less than $500.

Select a law firm that doesn’t need you to travel to their offices. Many specialist uncontested divorce lawyers operate from small premises and have little overheads; it means the fees are less, but the service you get will be as good. There is no requirement to meet with your chosen lawyer, everything can be done by email, mail and phone. It saves you time, money and makes completing the paperwork easy and convenient; you can do it on line when you get home from work at a time that suits you.

When you call your chosen law firm, ask them to let you know what court rejection rate they have. Courts reject uncontested divorce papers, if they feel there are inaccuracies, or they are presented properly. If a court rejects divorce papers, it will slow up the proceedings as they have to be represented; it can also incur extra court costs. If your law firm has a low rejection rate, it means they are going to get your case dealt with quickly, which is what you and your partner want.

Make sure you fit the criteria required by your law firm before completing any paperwork. It will save time and will also mean that you won’t have to get more information, or even choose another firm. For example, in Virginia, if you want to get an uncontested divorce through in a few weeks you need to have resided in Virginia for at least six months so it’s not much good applying if you have only lived in Virginia for a couple of weeks.

Next, you need to have been separated from your partner for at least six months and, if you have small children, then you normally have to be separated for a year or more.

Uncontested divorce is the best method, so long as both parties agree.

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Secure Your Future: Accomplish A Diploma In Human Resources Management

Secure Your Future: Accomplish a Diploma in Human Resources Management



One of the most in-demand jobs today is the human resource officer. Why? It is because all businesses require at least one human resource officer to supervise staff hiring and termination, salaries and the general well-being of the employees.


With medium or large companies, they have a full staff for the human resources department. So if you are considering applying for a recession proof job, then get a Diploma in Human Resources Management. What will you get from this training education course? With the Diploma of Human Resources Management you will be able to gain valuable knowledge and skills in human resources operations, practice and management. Training education of the said course will also help you learn the following: The Basics of Human Resources Management You will be able to plan and oversee and deliver human resources services as well as learn human resources functions including business ethics. Management Performance Management Systems You will be able to deal with redeployment, resignation, retirement, dismissal and redundancy including the conduct of exit interviews. Manage Workforce Planning In your training education, you will also learn how to plan workforce strategies to achieve organisational goals and objectives such as aligning objectives with business plans, analyzing labour market trends and predictions and succession plans. Manage Programs that promote Personal Effectiveness The human resources management qualification will help you come up with programs tailored to meet the employees’ welfare and enhance their productivity such as stress management, daily exercise and other Employee Assistance Programs. These are only some of the skills and knowledge you will learn in the human resources management qualification. And, if you will choose to accomplish your Diploma in Human Resources Management at Accredited Online training (AOT) and pay upfront in full, you will get a 10% discount and a laptop for FREE! So what are you waiting for? Call an AOT course advisor at 1300-726634 or log on to for more information.

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Simple Tips To Organize An Employee Personnel File

Simple Tips to Organize an Employee Personnel File


Jordan Jimenez

Organizing files is very essential for most of business setting including small business and Human Resources department. With a proper file organization, you will be easier to access the file you need.


When you organize the file of an employee, there are some things which you need to consider. You will also need some tools including file folders in two different colors and office supplies. Here are some ideas for your file organizing tips. Firstly, you have to choose the folder which is ale to accommodate the company’s growth. Folder which typically will work best for it is the folder with six sections. For each section, you can use separated paperwork. Furthermore, you can organize the file about the medical records of your employee in the second folder. It usually needs a few sections. After choosing the first folder, you should organize the sections in the folder. For the example, you can put the personal information of your employee like phone number and current address in the first section. It will be better for you to update this information annually. Commonly, most company updates this file in the enrollment or the beginning of the year. In addition, you should always keep emergency contact information as well. The next thing you should do is to organize for the second section. You can put the job application and the resume. References can also be placed in this section. For the third section, you can put the documents which your employee signed when he entered your company. You can also find the documents like sexual harassment training, employee policy acknowledgment, and non-disclosure agreements. The fourth section of the folder will be better for accommodating the employee reviews. These documents will be better to be separated from the other documents but the review of the feedback of your documents. Furthermore, the fifth place will be best for certificates, copies of diplomas, and confirmation of training received by your employee. Another important thing you can save for your employee file is the medical information. You should keep it in a separate folder. It means that you can store all the information related to the health of your employee.

There are some other options of

expandable file folders

which can provide you larger storage for any documents. With the

expanding file folders

, you can keep a lot of documents in some different sections of he folders so that it will be more practical to use.

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Simple Tips to Organize an Employee Personnel File

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