All Students Attending A Large University Could Be Covered By

All Students Attending a Large University Could be Covered By a Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan

College is a time of academic growth, personal development, and also, exposure to new health risks. However, many students are inadequately insured, exposing them to potentially huge medical bills. Coverage for all students attending a large university is not only possible but also, in many cases, both desirable and achievable. In this discussion, we will focus on how students can be covered by low deductible student health insurance.

The concept of low deductible student health insurance is somewhat self-explanatory. It is a health insurance plan that is designed specifically for students and has a low deductible. A deductible is the amount a policyholder will have to pay before the insurer starts paying. The lower the deductible, the sooner the insurance kicks in.

Health insurance for students attending large universities holds lots of advantages. It gives them access to affordable healthcare and protection against high unexpected medical costs. For many students, those who are studying in foreign countries, or far from home, access to local medical facilities can be restricted or expensive. A well-designed student health insurance plan could help to mitigate these issues.

An additional reason for universities to provide health insurance plans to students is to ensure their physical and mental wellbeing. Doing so increases the chances of successful academic outcomes. Student attendance, participation, attention spans, and overall academic performance are all influenced by health status.

Extending student health insurance may seem a costly endeavor for universities, but when implemented properly, it can be a win-win solution for both students and universities. By pooling the risk among a large group of individuals, insurance becomes more affordable for each student. The university can also negotiate with insurance providers to obtain the best price for the package.

Universities offering low deductible student health insurance demonstrate a commitment to their students’ wellbeing. These universities provide more than just an education; they provide a safety net that supports the students throughout their academic journey. Coverage can also be expanded to include mental health services, a crucial component in today’s stressful academic environment.

However, the biggest challenge that both universities and students face is the lack of awareness and understanding of the benefits of student health insurance. It’s crucial for institutions to take the lead in educating students regarding the necessity of health coverage and how to make the best of the options available to them.

Given the benefits and the relative affordability of the option, low deductible student health insurance seems an increasingly attractive solution for universities of all sizes to implement. It is vital for the wellbeing of our future generations and for the sustainability of academic institutions. So, let’s make health coverage for all a reality, and not just an option!

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