Breast Augmentation Recovery Is Not Easy!}

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Recovering from breast implant surgery cant be avoided. However, you can improve your chances for a speedy, complication-free recovery by following your surgeons instructions.

Women all over the world are getting implants so they can have larger, firmer breasts. They are willing to undergo surgery and suffer through the recovery process, let alone pay for the cosmetic procedure that can cost up to ten thousand dollars. While your recovery will certainly not be easy or comfortable, you can assist your healing in several ways.

Expect to spend your first few days after surgery in bed. Your body will have suffered a lot of trauma during the surgery and will feel it. Your breasts will be painfully bruised and swollen, and your surgeon will recommend hot and cold packs as well as a compression bra (you’ll be required to wear the bra). He will also prescribe pain medication and an antibiotic; you will need to take both for a full recovery.

You will be restricted from exercising during those first few weeks of recovery. Actually, you shouldnt lift your arms above shoulder level for any reason. Why? Because it could impair your healing process and if that happens, your body cant heal properly and you may experience unnecessary complications.


When your doctor finally clears you to exercise again, he will limit it to very low impact movements. That means easy walking or possibly even an exercise bike. You certainly won’t be able to run or jump. Not only will heavier exercise be too painful (your chest and breasts will be sore for quite some time), you do not want to engage in strenuous exercise because you may risk injury or movement of the implants. Regardless of the exercise you choose, you will have to wear a special support bra. You won’t be able to wear a normal bra until your surgeon says it’s ok to do so.

Smoking is strictly prohibited during recovery. As a matter of fact, you should stop smoking as long as possible before the surgery. Everyone knows smoking is bad for your health, but to smoke before you have surgery is really putting your life at unnecessary risk. It affects the functioning of your lungs, the flow of blood, your skin elasticity, and the bodys ability to heal itself just to name a few.

Full recovery from implant surgery can take anywhere from six months to an entire year. Women who are in better health will heal quicker than others. Whether or not you have a full and speedy recovery without complications depends mainly upon whether you follow your surgeons instructions.

If a womans job does not require upper body strength or lifting her arms above shoulder level, she can usually return to work within a few weeks. If her job requires those body movements, her doctor will recommend taking off more time. After all, if she impedes her body’s healing process, she may cause complications or shorten the lifespan of her implants.

It cannot be stressed enough that an optimum recovery depends upon explicitly following your surgeons recovery instructions. Trust your surgeon to guide you through a safe and speedy recovery, and you will be back enjoying your normal activities before you know it.

Are you interested in learning more about recovering from breast augmentation surgery? You will need to find a board-certified surgeon that specializes in breast augmentation surgery and request a consultation. Most plastic surgeons will not even charge for their initial consultation.

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