Buying A New Windshield

By Todd Nash

Windshields are susceptible to damages. You may have been maintaining it well, but they still get chips and cracks. It is because there is a lot of debris on road and wind, which are not possible to avoid. The damages can range from minor chips to major cracks. When the cracks spread, become bigger and go beyond repair, that is when windshield replacement Balcones Heights, Tx has to be done.

The process of buying a new windshield to replace the old cracked one is quite a difficult job. The decisions have to be taken on the type of glass, the auto repairs, the price schemes, etc. There are a few misconceptions that might come in the way of your making right decisions before purchasing new windshields.

Misconceptions when buying new windshields

Let us look at some of the common misconceptions people have before buying new windshields. Do not let these misconceptions mislead you.

1. Replaced windshield is same as the original one

No. There are, in real three types of windshield glasses available in the market: original equipment manufacturer glass, original equipment equivalent glass and aftermarket glass. More often than not, aftermarket glasses are fixed in your cars. Most of us assume that the auto repair service provider fixes original glasses that are manufactured by our car manufacturers. But it is advisable that we check the quality ourselves since aftermarket glasses are not sturdy like the original ones. It does not have good resale value too. So, make sure you see the tags attached to these windshields to know if it is from a reliable manufacturer or not.

2. Windshield is not one of the safety equipments of your car

Windshield is used not just to avoid debris. It is a very important safety component of your car too. It facilitates proper windshield deployment in case of accidents. It is designed to support the roof your car. In case of extreme accidents like rollovers, the whole stress is endured by windshields. This makes it a significant component of your car’s ‘safety kit’.

3. You are to get our windshields replaced from auto service approved by your insurance company only

There is no law that says that you have to go for the service provider that is recommended by your insurance company. It is your choice to select a good auto repair to get windshield replacement Balcones Heights, Tx. You are at discretion to make such decisions. So do not get influenced by your insurance company when you are unsure.

4. It is safer to drive your car as soon as the windshield is replaced

It is not safe for you to drive your car as soon as the windshield is replaced. There are adhesives used to fix the windshield which need 2 to 24 hours to set. Otherwise, the windshield can shift from its place making way for wind and water to get in. So give the time for it to cure and then take the car out.

These are a few misconceptions that can lead you to make erroneous decisions. So avoid these when getting windshield replacement Balcones Heights, Tx. Get proper information from good sources and make informed decisions.

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