The Health Benefits Gained From Roller Skating

By James Brown

While roller skating is an activity that is a lot of fun to do for many reasons, it is also an activity that provides many therapeutic benefits too. When people become active and spend several times a week doing so, they are also using muscles that have become strengthened by the rigorous movements required to roller skate. Roller skating has the capability to return strength to muscles that have been weakened by many diseases.

Roller skating is a very strenuous form of exercise to those that unaccustomed to exercise. Some people decide to forego walks for this because it is an activity that the entire family can participate in, and those who are obese and in need of weight loss prefer to be surrounded by people they know to get the exercise they need. It is more enticing to participate in racing events while wearing roller skates than to participate in exercises such as running.

People that suffer from heart problems find great health benefits from roller skating. It is an activity that has the ability to increase the circulation of blood throughout the body and help build and strengthen the heart which is one of the largest independently operated muscles in the body. Most roller skaters with heart problems will participate in this sport under the advisement of their cardiologist.


There are other health benefits that will become quite evident in people that suffer from depression and social disorders. Roller skating is a sport that draws people out of their shell and gets them to integrate with members of society. People that roller skate on a weekly basis have something to look forward to each week and for people who are depressed, the health benefits will be evident because these patients will participate with more energy and their pleasure will show by the smile that shows on the face.

Various parts of the body benefit from the exercise that roller skating offers. The skating action will rebuild the abdomen muscle structure and help new mothers regain the figure that they had before childbirth, and allow them to keep their child near them while they are exercising. Couples can maintain a fulfilling relationship when they go roller skating together and have a social life again that is as social as they want it to be.

Roller skating can be done at any time of the day, and many couples arrange their schedules so that they can spend an evening out without worrying about it hurting the family budget. A person can gain many health benefits from the calories that they burn up while roller skating and many couples enjoy integrating it into their exercise routines for this particular reason. Many people have compared the physical exertion derived from skating to that found during an aerobics workout, but prefer it more because it does not cause damage to the joints in the body.

Some people might realize that they have problems with their health while roller skating. They will feel twinges of pain in their knees or elbows and seek out a physician to explain the problems that they are having. Some people might find out that they suffer from arthritis or various forms of rheumatism and are astounded that the discovery was made possible by the simple fact that they chose to go roller skating once or twice a week.

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