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Submitted by: Pat Munro

When it comes to pole dancing, grip is the most important strength feature which you cannot improve with practice. Think for a moment about the contact area between you and the pole. Each pole dancing position has contact between you and the pole on different surfaces of skin. Each of these contact areas must grip the pole in varying ways in order to continue through to the next pose. Pole dancing is a fluid dance which must be peformed in continuous movement with differing degrees of difficulty. Improving your grip of the pole on all skin surfaces can be accomplished with grip powders. A really good grip powder is made using thermoplastics which react to body heat and provide improved grip and inhibits sweat and chaffing. Thermoplastic grip powders lasts for hours and easily washes off with soap and water.

The following are some popular pole dancing moves with instruction as to where the bodys grip is applied. For best use of the grip powder it may be wise to use it on areas that are used to contact the pole such as legs, arms, feet, and hands. This will surely help when moving from one dance move to another.

Batman pose In the upside down flat pose position, grip tighter with legs and release your hands. Hang for a moment from your legs, then slide down the pole pole with an arched back in a curved position. The grip powder will allow you to both grip and then slide without catching.

Climb and splits Climbing pole, stopping there to secure grip by straightening & tightening legs before sliding down into jazz splits. Once again its all about the grip plus slide.

Swan To get momentum walk round pole, inside arm really high & firmly gripped onto the pole, step on outside leg & bring inside leg in front of pole & hook knee to pole, then complete one-handed forward spin. Twisting around the pole requires the grip and slip technique as well.

Showgirl Climb pole, both legs wrapped around it, with the dominant arm in a stabilizing position while extending other arm gracefully. Then detach one leg from pole-grip in similar extension and slide down in this one leg/one arm pose. This move requires both grip strength and fluidity of movement.

Hip Spin First, grab pole firmly with outside arm high & inside arm low, pull with upper & push with lower hands together while kicking off floor with legs, bending them around pole in cocoon-spinning position, with your tummy flat against the pole. Grip chalk can also be applied to the bare midriff in order to gain a little more leverage.

Vampire Climb pole & adopt sitting position with crossed legs, then grip pole between thighs before letting go with hands & leaning backwards to hang in that position. Trusting your grip strength with this pose can be daunting without a little added help from the grip powder.

Two-handed coil – Start with the secondary side closest to pole, grip with both hands & kick legs forward, then while swinging back, coil body round pole to spin. This move requires a lot of hand grip strength to hold your body in place, then enough slide in order to spin around the pole.

As you can see, a good grip on many parts of your body will help with the necessary pole dancing positions required for fun or competition. It is necessary in pole dancing to gain grip strength while practicing in order to begin to trust yourself and move on to the next position. Without a good grip powder, the practice time will be greater and you may hurt yourself in the process. Preventing anything negative in the process of getting stronger and more in shape will surely lead to a lifetime of fun and good health.

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